1342450937_1.jpgIn compliance with the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation No. 600 dated May 7, 2012 (which is the basic edict in the sphere of housing), main guidelines for the construction sector development are the following: intensified housing construction and liquidation of hazardous dwelling stock. Chelyabinsk region is proud of the following achievements in 2013:

- commissioning of 1,781.705 thousand sq. m of houses, which is 106.3% more in comparison with 2012.

Proportion of privatehousingin 2013 has amounted to 30.8% of the total number of houses or 548.535 thousand sq. m (what is 125.8% more in comparison with 2012).

- housing per capita in the region has amounted to 24.23 sq. m. (increasein comparison with23.8 sq. meters in January01, 2013).

Chelyabinsk region exceeded the target value of houses commissioning determined by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation (which was 1.671 million square meters of houses).

From a supply perspective, the Public Housing Administration began cooperation with local government authorities in order to prepare land lots for housing construction.

This cooperation resulted in provision of 3,385 land lots with total area of 647 hectares for houses construction. Approximate area of houses that can be commissioned on these lots is 687.82 thousand square meters.

From a demand perspective, such increase in houses commissioning in 2013 is to a large extent driven by active mortgage lending. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation Headquarters in Chelyabinsk region reports that credit institutions of Chelyabinsk region have provided 27,806 residential mortgage loans in the amount of 32,254 million rubles for the period of 11months of 2013 year.

The second guideline stated in the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation No. 600 is to liquidate the hazardous housing stock (which has been considered as such before January 1, 2012) of Chelyabinsk regiontill September1, 2017 (579 houses with total area of 180.1 thousand sq. meters). Pursuant to this guideline, the Public Housing Administration has developed a long-term targeted program for people relocation from unfit houses. Financing of this program and associated actions is provided by Chelyabinsk region and Federal Fund for Housing Construction Promotion.Thus, in 2013 the Federal Fund has approved our request for providing 837.2 million rubles for relocation, which will allow to relocate 2,261 people from 156 unfit houses (with total living area of 40.41 thousand sq.m).

Currently, the relocation program in Kunashak region is being implemented at an outstripping rate: one house was commissioned in Kunashak on November 18, 2013.

Besides, several short-term relocation programs of the past years have also been finished in 2013.

They resulted in commissioning of 28 multi-dwelling units (11 of which were low-rise) with total area of 70.16 thousand square meters which can be used for relocation of 239 hazardous houses with total area of 61.01 thousand sq. meters. Thus, 4,344 people will have an opportunity to improve their housing conditions.

2013022822.jpgThe Public Housing Administration has also implemented another program for relocating people from areas of active soil slips in the region of Korkinskiy opencast coal mine. 1,556 families are already resettled. Within the framework of this program, 11 houses with 1,537 apartments were built and 218 apartments were bought. As people are resettled, their houses are being demolished.Total number of houses to be demolished is 548; 70 of them are multi-dwelling units, 31 are terraced houses, and 447 are private houses (their total living area is 83,398 square meters).

Currently, 142 houses are already demolished, 48 of them are multi-dwelling units and 94 are private houses (their total living area is 30,994 sq.m).

Remaining living area to be demolished in the first quarter of 2014 is 52,404 square meters (406 houses, 22 of which are multi-dwelling units, 31 are terraced houses, and 353 are private houses).

img_000040.jpgThe Public Housing Administration also controls the rocess of multi-dwelling units construction which ispartially financed by joint interest owners. In2013 we controlled the construction of 487 objects on the territory of 19 municipal units, which were partially financed by 14,780 joint interest owners.

We are proud of building and commissioning 8 socially significant facilities, including the following:

1 public property facility: non-residential premises in Kalininsky district for accommodating the Organ Hall;

7 municipal property facilities: kindergartens in Chelyabinsk, Magnitogorsk, Plast, and Troitsk.

Besides, following the Edict of the President of the Russian Federation No. 599 dated May 7, 2012 on reduction of places deficit in pre-school institutions by 2016, the Public Housing Administration together with the Ministry of Education and Science of Chelyabinsk regionwere engaged in reconstruction and building of 9 additional pre-school institutions which will be commissioned in 2014. We are going to control the completion of all the kindergartens.

Furthermore, in 2013 we were engaged in attractingextra-budgetary resources for building kindergartens within the framework of public-private partnership. The list of municipal units is already compiled and we are finalizing the mechanism for the implementation of this investment project.

In 2013 the Public Housing Administration has performed 21 field audits of 20 municipal units for urban planning statutory compliance. The audits found no breach of legislation.

Together with the audits, we gave recommendations to these units to prepare and confirm the municipal programs in order to develop an urban planning regulation system.

In 2013 families with many children have been provided with 295 land lots with possibility of connection to utility networks in accordance with the technical provisions.

Besides, the Public Housing Administration and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation have developed and coordinated a priority plan and terms for reclamation of 799 land lots in Severny settlement which were provided in accordance with the urban planning documents and are intended for free occupation in 2014-2018 years.

In accordance with the above mentioned priority plan, the Ministry of Industry and Natural Resources of Chelyabinsk region is planning to provide 60 large families with first-stage land lots within its powers.

We have a long-term goal for 2014 to improve the achieved results within the framework of public housing program in the following way:

- to commission 1,922 thousand square meters of houses, thus increasing the housing per capita value till 24.72 sq. m;

- to demolish 90 thousand sq. m of houses considered unfit for living;

- handling the problems of “deceived” investors according to the instructions of the President and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Governor of Chelyabinsk region;

- to build socially significant facilities within the framework of capital construction program in Chelyabinsk region in 2014;

- to provide a balanced territory development with the help of territorial planning;

- to provide comprehensive housing development of Chelyabinsk region;

- to continue control over capital and shared-equity units under construction (which are left under control from the previous years);

- to perform inspections of buildings and facilities under construction for their compliance with energy efficiency requirements.